Legal Videographer

AccuWrite Reporting will provide you with high quality videos and promise you satisfaction.  You do not have to worry about that.  Our videographers are just as professional and experienced as our court reporters are.  Let us provide you with a videographer anywhere in Louisiana.  We have videographers located in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport & many other cities throughout Louisiana.  We can even schedule a videographer outside of the state.

Depositions, Day-in-the-Life Videos, Site Inspections, Video Will Signings, Video Editing, Video Duplication, Video Formatting and Trial Playback are just some of the situations you may need a videographer for.  Let us provide you with a videographer for your specific needs.  Standard turn around time for our videography service is 10 business days.  However, we can have the video expedited to you if you should require it sooner.

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Video file formats offered are SYNC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD, and MP4.  Synchronizing the video file to the deposition transcript is an amazing feature.  With a SYNC file you can let the jury view the testimony and witness’s demeanor simultaneously.  Another key feature of a SYNC file is the ability to instantly jump anywhere in the video by page number and line number.  Normally our video files will be provided to your office on a DVD.  However, if you have another request, such as a USB drive, please do not hesitate to ask us if we can accommodate your request.  We’re here to help!

Our videographers can offer you video files recorded in Standard Definition, High Definition, or even 4k.  See the picture below to get an idea of the differences in video quality.  Most depositions are filmed in Standard Definition.

Video Definitions